You need to sell your product or service. I find the right words to do that.

Many copywriters narrow down on just a few services. But I provide copywriting services for whatever project you are working on.

That’s because your marketing strategy isn’t always narrowed down. Sometimes you need web copy. Other times you need an email sequence. Often you’ll need both.

I’m here to help with it all. So, give me a shout. And we’ll work out the best plan of action to ensure you get the copy your brand deserves.

Want to see just how versatile I can be? Check out some of my portfolio pieces below:

How does it work?

Well, since you asked, I’ve created a handy timeline to explain the process:

  • First up, send me a message or email here.

  • Once I’ve got your message, I’ll email out a brief questionnaire for you to fill in. The answers you give here will form the foundation of the Project Proposal I create for you.

  • Time to chat. We’ll have an initial consultation over the phone (or Zoom if you prefer). Here we can discuss your answers to the questionnaire and go over any extra details.

  • Following our call, I’ll email you a detailed Project Proposal that outlines the scope of work, the timeline and the costs. If everything looks good, I’ll need your signature and a deposit to get the project kicked off.

  • You can sit back and relax now because it’s over to me. I’ll be digging in deep, researching everything from your business offering, to your target client’s favourite place to hang out (aka where they’ll be reading about you).

  • The writing begins! I’ll provide a first draft for you to review, complete up to two rounds of edits based on your feedback and then make a final delivery of the finished copy.

  • Once final payment is made, your copy is ready to go out into the big old world.

PS: Please don’t think I’ve gone MIA at the research and writing stages! I’m always ready to re-surface and help with questions via email. We can also have a phone call or zoom meeting at the delivery stage to finalise the project with a virtual ‘cheers!’.

Ready to get started?