Get your message heard loud and clear by your dream clients and watch your sales numbers grow.

Connecting with your target market isn’t always as simple as walking over a bridge and saying ‘Hello!’. There are a few things you need to put in place to ensure your message not only reaches your prospect but makes them shout ‘Yes please, sign me up now!’.

You’ve already got a lot of the checklist ticked off:

  1. A brilliant product that eases some serious customer pain points.
  2. Excellent customer service (and the testimonials to prove it).
  3. A treasure-trove of expertise that sets you apart from the competition.

That’s a solid 90% of the bridge built.

But that missing 10%? It’s crucial if you don’t want to end up falling into the river below.

That’s where good copy comes in. And how do you know when copywriting is good? When it accomplishes these three things:

  1. Represent your brand, your people and your mission.
  2. Explain exactly what you’re offering to clients and how it will help make their lives easier.
  3. Drive your prospect to take real, measurable action. Whether that’s signing up, getting in contact or (best of all) buying from you.

I help startups and SMEs achieve all the above.

I bring in those last all-important bricks, making sure they’re well aligned and cemented. Then it’s over to you to hop, skip or jump over the bridge and give your dream client a friendly handshake.

Are you itching to get your message across to your dream clients? Get in touch now.

Why should you hire me?

I can save you money and help you make more of it.

Hiring a freelance copywriter means you don’t have the costly overhead of a full-time employee. Not only that, but you save your HR department the hassle of additional admin. Staff training, holiday, sick leave – they’re a thing of the past if you work with me.

Better yet, I can help your business generate more revenue. I do this by writing copy that persuades. Existing clients want to buy more from you and prospects want to start buying from you.

I give you more time.

I understand you’ve already got a lot on your plate. Writing copy? That was never in your job description.

But don’t worry. I’m here to take the extra workload off your shoulders. We will work to build a structured timeframe that aligns with your internal deadlines and allows me enough time to squeeze every ounce of quality copy into the final deliverable.

Breathe a sigh of relief as you happily tick off all those key tasks on your to do list.

I put myself in the shoes of your client.

Often businesses think they need a writer who is also an expert in their industry niche. Sometimes, they think they need to do the writing themselves (they are the expert after all). But it’s pretty difficult for anybody to write from on outside perspective if they’re on the inside.

I am the outsider. I see your business as your client sees it. I speak like your client speaks. I ask the questions your client asks. Then, armed with all of this information, I write about how your business, product or service is the one and only answer to all of their questions.

That’s the best way to persuade someone to do business with you – by walking in their shoes.

Are you ready, boots?