The best in Christmas TV adverts – part 5

Friday has come around fast and, with it, my final TV ad review of the week. If you were hoping you were getting Saturday and Sunday too – sorry. It’s Christmas tree decorating I’ve got planned this weekend!

Anyway, back to ads. To finish off the five-part series I’ve brought out the big guns. Sainsbury’s. Let’s do this.

What’s their core message?

Food is Home, Home is Christmas

Sainsbury’s has released a series of three Christmas adverts for 2020 (part 1part 2 and part 3). In them, we hear family members speaking over the phone, making plans on how they will spend the big day together. Each conversation is simple, relatable and charged with emotion. Storytelling at its finest.

previously mentioned that emotion alone isn’t an effective selling technique. The viewer needs a justifiable reason to buy the product or service presented. This is where Sainsbury’s core message comes in – food is home, and home is Christmas.

Buy at Sainsbury’s and you’re not just getting groceries. No, what you’re getting is a feeling of comfort and warmth. You’re getting precious memories, both old and new. And you’re closing the distance COVID-19 has thrown between you and your loved ones.

That’s a whole lot of love in one shopping trolley. And who doesn’t want that?

These ads are great examples of where copy and visuals come together to create something timeless and beautiful. The voiceover is set against a backdrop of Christmas home movies that are familiar to so many Brits. Busy kitchens and smiling faces, present-opening and cuddles. You can almost taste the gravy.

Makes you wonder how some people can feel such hatred towards an advert celebrating human connection. Yep, I couldn’t not talk about the racial furore that has stormed Twitter.

Christmas is not exclusive to a select few based on the colour of their skin. It’s families united. It’s traditions passed from one generation to the next. It’s the food we share together. It’s Home, for all of us.

Well done Sainsbury’s for showing us this.

My score: 10/10.

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NB I originally wrote this post for my LinkedIn page on 27th Nov 2020.

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