The best in Christmas TV adverts – part 3

Christmas is exactly one month away. And to celebrate (even the littlest things are worth celebrating these days) I’ve got another ad review for you.

So, if you’re fed up with trawling through Black Friday online sales (or completely avoiding them like I am) then sit down with a cup of tea/hot chocolate/G&T and have a read.

Lidl, you’re up next!

What’s their core message?

Big on a Christmas you can believe in

Lidl is the champion of winning over sceptics. Their tagline – ‘Big on quality, Lidl on price’ – demonstrates that great produce doesn’t mean big brands. As a result, they now have over 800 stores serving a loyal customer base across Britain.

For Christmas, Lidl’s clever copywriters have tweaked their typical slogan to attract the biggest cynics – the Scrooges. And the script for the ad itself? Comedy gold wrapped up in exactly one minute. Funny sells – when done right, of course. And Lidl know funny.

Aside from poking some fun at the competition (that means your carrots, Aldi!), they have created genius lyrics to present their products in Disneyesque fashion. In fact, they list a total of 11 different products and throw in a couple of prices too, for good measure. Viewers don’t even have to write out their Christmas shopping list. Lidl have done it for them.

My score: 9/10. Watch the ad and you too shall believe.

Now, I’m off to get some cheese that will make me feel so glad…

Image credit: StockFood / Morgans, Gareth

NB I originally wrote this post for my LinkedIn page on 25th Nov 2020.

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